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Juntos Por Guanacaste is a collaboration project which centralizes fundraising for a networked group of NGOs in the Western Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Our aim is to assist with, and raise awareness of the needs of the community dealing with the economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. This initiative comprises a series of on the ground established organizations working together to assess needs and assign assistance accordingly. The Guanacaste Community Fund, a long established trust fund created by the Costa Rica-USA Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA) is providing fund management for the inititive. This centralized structure allows for transparency and oversight to facilitate a central pool of donations to be distributed amongst the collaborating NGOs on the ground according to need.

The team involved in fundraising and social media management are all volunteers who are currently furloughed due to the ongoing Corona Virus crisis and lockdown and are not paid by the initiative.

The network of NGOs on the ground are established groups who have worked for many years in the local communities in the region and the Juntos Por Guanacaste collaboration allows the expansion of this network with ease to truly get help to where it is needed. Click on any of the links below to find out more about the individual groups' work.

The idea is simple. If we help fundraising, the network of NGO's can focus where the need is - on the ground, helping families.

How does it work?

Juntos Por Guanacaste focuses on fundraising. The network of NGOs focus on the community and carry out weekly meetings where they share information on the number of families in need, and the projections for the next week. The total funds available at that time can then be distributed between the groups according to need. There is no simple percentage division of funds, every group and every community has different needs and this structure targets the most efficient method to allow your generosity to have a direct impact at the right place and the right time.

All groups involved are established community groups with years of experience in their locations. The networks are leveraged to ensure provision of locally sourced food to further support the community through the economic slowdown.


Transparency is baked-in. Nobody from Juntos Por Guanacaste is either paid or involved in the handling of donated funds. Any donations are handled directly by the Guanacaste Community Fund through a specific bank account set up for the purposes of this fundraising effort.

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Our community is blessed with a spirit of collaboration and support. The Juntos Por Guanacaste team is lucky enough to have assistance from local businesses to get this initiative off the ground. Leveraging contacts with local expertise ranging from web and social media management, to graphic design and marketing, our corporate partners have also assisted by paying for services to help local businesses to stay running during the social distancing economic downturn. Their continued support helps us to ensure that donated funds go only for direct assistance programs in the community.

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