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Give hope to unemployed households

  • Collaboration of NGO’s, community associations, private companies, and citizens in Guanacaste are launching a solidarity campaign called Juntos por Guanacaste.

  • The initiative includes a fundraising campaign to support families that lost their jobs due to the coronavirus health crisis.

The entire world is living in uncertain times due to the spread of Covid-19 and the economic effects of the ensuing social distancing policies enacted. This is having negative effects in our country, with a strong impact on the tourism industry, one of the economic drivers in the province of Guanacaste.

According to Government estimates, 200,000 job contracts have been suspended in the last weeks, mostly in the tourism sector. Due to closed borders and social distancing, this number is expected to continue to increase in the near term.

Juntos por Guanacaste has been established to help aid in this situation. This initiative will gather funds in order to deliver food and other basic necessities to families in 31 communities in Guanacaste, who as a result of their job loss, can no longer meet their basic needs in the upcoming months. These communities are located in 4 districts along the coast in the region of Santa Cruz.

Juntos por Guanacaste is a joint effort between Guanacaste Community Fund, CEPIA, Futuro Brillante, Abriendo Mentes, ConnectOcean, Conectando Corazones, Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo, and Reserva Conchal; all established local organizations with vast experience in the socio-economic situation of this region, after working for many years in the area.

These organizations will provide Juntos por Guanacaste with their knowledge and experience in their area of influence, as well as their logistics platform and voluntary work for the identification of the benefitting families and the efficient, transparent and timely channeling of the resources. At the same time, they will coordinate actions in close liaison with State institutions and local Governments.

“We wish to get the message to as many companies and individuals, that we can help each other to overcome this critical moment, not only health-wise but also financially. We also support this campaign because we promote social responsibility as an action sensitive to what occurs in its own environment and aware that social benefits and sustainability are elements that we must all commit to”, said Geraldine Carmona, Coordinator of Community Fund Projects for Guanacaste (Fondo Comunitario Guanacaste).


Contact any of the involved organizations and or associations: Fondo Comunitario Guanacaste, CEPIA Association, Futuro Brillante, Abriendo Mentes Association, ADI Tamarindo.

Donate directly to the Juntos Por Guanacaste bank account, in the name of Fiduciaria Nacional FINACIO, Corporation number (cédula jurídica): 3-101-237656.

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica account number (colones): 100-01-242-000050-8

  • Cuenta cliente (from a different Costa Rican bank): 15124210010000504

  • IBAN: CR52015124210010000504

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica account number (dollars): 100-02-242-000046-5

  • Cuenta cliente (from a different Costa Rican bank): 15124210020000468

  • IBAN: CR52015124210020000468

From USA, through the “Amigos of Costa Rica” donation channels:


From Costa Rica, by credit card, using the following link:

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