Grettel Vargas Castro thanks Juntos por Guanacaste, because “right now we’re not making even enough for food”.

Grettel Vargas Castro, has a bright spirit of hospitality. She loves the sea and the beauty of Guanacaste, and her work helps welcome visitors to the hotels, restaurants and vacation homes in Guanacaste. Grettel is a craftsman, an artist, and supported by her sewing machines makes the aprons, kitchenwear, cushions, and even boat and yacht covers for many in the region.

But since March, the orders have stopped coming, frozen by Covid 19 and the “zero season”. When things were good, there were orders for aprons had ordered some aprons and kitchenwear for a restaurant. But when tourists stopped arriving, she was left with inventory and no one to pick up and pay for the product.

“I started stressing out. It’s terrible, I’m worried… At times I get scared because I depend completely on tourism”, says Mrs. Grettel, a 46 year old graduate in fashion design. Grettel is also mother to Anielka, Cristopher, and Krissia, 8, 13 and 22 years old, respectively.

Rediscovering a Smile by the Sea

Mrs. Grettel lives just 300 meters from the ocean in Playa Potrero, where she can hear the sea from home. She has loved her life on the coast and loves to share it with all those who visited, but right now she stays home with the family, prioritizing her health.

She’s able to do so thanks to the food that she’s received through Juntos por Guanacaste, and shares that even in these hard times she’s able to take care of her family and keep smiling. “Right now we’re not making even enough for food,” Grettel shares, so these donations make a profound difference in her life.

“I didn’t expect to find myself in this situation, but I never expected to find such a nice gesture. What a beautiful heart in all of those who have helped. Thank you to all that have given for Costa Rica”.

Juntos por Guanacaste

Juntos por Guanacaste is an initiative to unite Guanacaste fundraising and outreach, and bring basic foods to families in 31 local communities who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

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