[EN] A Tribute to Guanacaste

Updated: May 17, 2020

by Colin Sharpe, Writer.

There is a magic to this place. A magic that captures the heart, whether you were bherorn or simply found it and fell in love.

There is a soul of adventure here. Of freedom, of daring, of exploration. I see us challenge the rugged beauty of the wilds, of the seas. I watch as we tread the lines and the edges of this powerful, wonderful world because to us that is living.

And yet for all that we are free, and wild, I see us come together too. In quiet moments, beside crackling fires on the beach. Around barbecue grills and over zarpes, while dancing and singing and loving the good times, and while chatting until sunrise with friends old and new, from near and from far, far away.

There is a magic to this place, one that makes you want to hold tight and protect it, to live this life that we’ve been given for all that it has. And in the past two months I’ve seen that magic come to life. I’ve seen those outlaw spirits of Guanacaste unite to protect this place that they love, to share that passion with those who need it.

The people who make Guanacaste their homes are the keepers of that special thing we all love here. They’re the ones that keep the fires burning. And to see us all come together, Juntos por Guanacaste, to support them and this place we love only tells me that we will come back stronger.

From the bottom of my heart, and from an adopted son of Guanacaste, I ask this: Keep living, keep loving, keep supporting each other, and keep chasing that magic that draws us all here. And together, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Warner Díaz, Photography

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