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Juntos por Guanacaste is a collaborative effort between individuals and organizations in the Guanacaste community to provide food and supplies to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic and recovery. 


The pandemic and necessary precautionary measures have created a difficult economic downturn in the Guanacaste region, which relies heavily on tourism. As a result, many families are out of work with no clear timeline of jobs returning. 


By sharing resources, skills, and information, this effort allows the existing aid organizations in the region to work together to identify families, source food and supplies, and make deliveries.


Right now, the best way to contribute to this ongoing effort is through donations, which can be done through the dedicated Juntos Por Guanacaste donations page. More funds raised means more families can be helped, and our goal is to ensure that everyone in Guanacaste can weather this storm together. 


We’re also dedicated to ensuring complete and total transparency throughout this process. All statements will be tracked and publicly available, and we will post a report each week of funds raised, and the families that have been helped. 


Thank you to everyone who has already contributed, and have continued to contribute. 


We are all Juntos Por Guanacaste.

Be part of the solution
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